Meet the Baker

Hello! Welcome to Coyote Trail Cakes. People often ask when I started baking. When I was about 15, that is the first cake I remember. It was for the 4th of July. One of those strawberry/blueberry flag cakes. Was it delicious, was it fabulous? Who knows? I dropped it walking from the garage into the house. Flipped out of my hands and dropped.

I can't remember what Mom thought, I just remember laughing and laughing over such a mishap. Funny memory for me.

Ten years after that, with children to bake for and a subscription to Family Fun magazine, I learned that creating cake is food and playtime all stirred together. How can you not love that? Being a stay at home mom has given me ample time to experiment, create and discover all my favorite recipes.

Then, a few ago, for one of my sister's milestone birthday, I found the White Almond Sour Cream recipe and learned how to make a fondant bow. Like a switching a light on; cakes moved from playtime to art. Cakes can look fabulous and taste even better. Really!

Like any baker, I tweak recipes to suit my taste and style. Most importantly, I use the recipes I have researched because they are foolproof. Your party is not the time I want to know I whipped the eggs whites a minute too long and the cake is dry as dirt! I am 100% certain every single time my cakes will taste great.

Frosting is another story. I have spent a large portion of time mixing and tasting the best recipes for my cakes. My daughter Anna was very patient in helping me discover "the best ever!" I love my Italian Cream Infused Buttercream, Marshmallow Meringue and Caramel Swiss Meringue even more. If I had a motto it would be, "The cake needs to be great and the frosting even better".

With the frosting and cake complete, now I devote the rest of my time to making your cake look great. As special as I can for your celebration! I love being apart of the happy moments in life that require cake and look forward to planning something sweet just for you.

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