Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Easter is one of my all time favorite seasons! Winter is gone, the promise of warm weather is just around the corner, Lenten sacrifices end and Jesus is Risen. It is time to celebrate! Let's roll out the good stuff. 

Easter Cookies are so very much fun to make, bright colors, crazy patterns. Bunnies and Chicks are so easy to pipe, what's not to love about that?

 Last year I took the time to create Easter Cookie Baskets and I am so glad I did! I love this gift for Easter. Sweet, Delicious and Colorful. This year I found some more great baskets to use with Decorated Sugar Cookies. And some new patterns to try on the Easter Egg Cookies! Can't wait.

I have wanted to make these for years and finally bought the Giant Egg Mold to make Giant Peanut Butter filled Easter Eggs of my own. Yay! You know Buckeyes that everyone loves at Christmas? Multiply that times 100. If a teaspoon of peanut butter filling is good, a whopping 1/2 cup is BETTER!  The Cake Lace and fondant flowers are just the right touches to adorn my Giant Peanut Butter Eggs <3

When I talk about rolling out the good stuff for Easter, this cake has got to be it. I mean, IT. Fresh Coconut with 7 Minute Marshmallow Frosting and handmade chocolate flowers. The cake is a coconut sour cream white cake made with coconut milk. That is a celebration cake worthy of Easter. And just in case coconut it not your thing, This design is awesome on Carrot Cake too!

Call or email if you'd like to order some of the Good Stuff for your Easter dinner <3

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