Tuesday, September 26, 2017

To Fondant or Not to Fondant

Seek the middle road! I like to think I reach a happy medium when it comes to fondant. I do use it and some weeks it seems like I use a lot. However, I do not cover cakes completely with fondant. Ever. (Ok, except for that one time. And no, not again!)

In my opinion, I just don't like it. I don't think it tastes lovely like buttercream. Even more insulting is when you cut a cake covered in fondant, it just doesn't look as nice as buttercream.  So I go for the middle ground, cakes that taste amazing frosted in Italian Cream infused Buttercream and adorned with fondant details. The trick is to achieve such a smooth finish on the buttercream that it looks like fondant.

Let's take a closer look at what I mean. In this basketball cake, where the arrow is pointing to orange, that's buttercream. The black lines on the ball is fondant.  This cake has a lot of both buttercream and fondant. not so much fondant that it over powers the buttercream.

I love, love, love this Cinderella cake.
 I call it "multi-media".
 That sounds artsy, right?
The pale blue section is buttercream, the bottom white with ruffles is buttercream. The wide white band, that's fondant. Stil mostly buttercream. And what would a princess cake be without a few well placed toys? The crown and the doll are toys. Real light-up toys. See, multi-media!

Not quite as blinged out as Cinderella, still another great example of combining buttercream and fondant. The hat is completely covered in fondant and under it, if I remember correctly, cake! The banner on the bottom is fondant along with those "x" marks.  The entire rest of the cake is buttercream. 

Creating a smooth finish on my buttercream to appear like fondant is something I have practiced and practiced. When my children were little, I loved this motto from Sesame Street: 
"Practice and tomorrow you'll be better than today." 
I think that all the time with cake! I hope you enjoy the end result of all this practice <3

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Secret Ingredient is Love

Sometimes my husband will make a sandwich for me and he always asks, "Can you taste the love?" It is the secret ingredient to any meal and especially when creating a cake! What I enjoy most about designing a wedding cake with a couple is the love that goes into the event. Love for each other, love for their family, their guests. So much thought goes into who would like what, and how to make sure everyone enjoys the day and the cake.

And then there are the many ways couples choose to show case their personality through cake. Whether it is an abundance of sugar flowers or overflowing fresh fruit, you can see the joy and love in the cake.

One couple didn't want to leave out their families, and carefully selected the best photos to feature on the cake. She want both a traditional cake and one that had flair. So this cake was placed on a turntable; it could be spun to reveal the photos on the back.

Buttercream always receives so much love! Creating all buttercream decorated cakes is a joy. Even though stacking these cakes takes patience, practice and a steady hand, the final creation is so very delicious. I always infuse Italian Cream into my buttercream for an extra depth of flavor. It's my secret ingredient!

Don't forget the inside of the cake can be just as special as the outside! From the ultra-moist Almond Sour Cream cake to Hershey's Ultimate Dark Chocolate cake to Fabulously Fun Flavors and Fillings, you can design a cake your wedding guests will not forget. The one below had one tier that was sooo delicious, White Russian Cake, an ultra moist, coffee, boozy cake with Kahlua whipped cream filling! That is unforgettable!

Wether your tastes run to the personal, dramatic or sublime, 
there is surely a wedding cake that we can create together. 
I look forward to hearing from you <3
~Peg Fisher
Coyote Trail Cakes