Saturday, March 19, 2016

Burlap Cake Lace

Super excited to share this method of making burlap for cake! Fretted about spending a lot of money for what might be a one time project and finally came up with this approach. Using Amazing Mold putty, 7 count plastic canvas for sewing and Cake Lace mix from Hobby Lobby.

 For about $20 with a coupon, I made my own silicone cake lace mold.

Once I kneaded the putty, I rolled it out super thin between two cutting mats and pressed the plastic canvas into the putty. After it cured for 20mins, I mixed the cake lace, colored it brown and spread it on the mat. I baked the lace following the package directions. Once it cools, you can gently peel away the mat and you will end up with a long ribbon of burlap!

One important step in the cake lace instructions, not included in the package, is to let the mixture rest to allow the air bubble to rise to the top. Then you can gently stir it to eliminate that problem. My first attempts using cake lace resulted in one side being quite spotty from bubbles and the other side nice and flat. So far, letting the mixture rest is the only solution I have found.

 As you can see, I did not scrape the cake lace mixture completely off of the mat, leaving some of the little holes covered. I did this to make the finished product a little stronger and because burlap isn't completely see through. I think it looks rustic enough! 

Here I have already cut out the bow using a small leaf cutter, one leaf for each half of the bow. Then I folded the leaves over and made a little loop for a bow. Use a tiny bit of water to seal the loop.  

When I have a chance to experiment more I plan to see what impression it makes with fondant.