Friday, December 19, 2014

All Things Monogrammed

This has been the Year of the Monogram. And I have loved trying so many ways to personalized sweet things for your celebrations!

Up first is Cricut cut letters with the fancy plaque fondant background.

These cupcake toppers were hand-piped royal icing on fondant circles. 
I first requested a printed monogram so I could copy the pattern from 
This one was hand cut following the same font as above. Reminds me of a nautical circle concept. 

Then there is this!!! I love this font. On the website For Chic Sake 
you can download a printable monogram. I did that first. 
Then resized it to fit the cake.
Next I used Wilton's gold Sugar Sheets and a Crayola Light Pad to 
slowly, carefully, cut this design out of the sugar sheet with an exacto knife. 

Sugar Sheet Monogram!!!

And most recent is this awesome cake topper!!
It is silver card stock from Intially Yours By Allison and Brandi 
I used glue dots and short kabob sticks to 
make it stand above the cake.

And if you are so inclined, this paper topper 
could be removed and framed!

Keepsake Monogram!
Love it!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed make each cake this as personalized as possible.
<3  The Year of the Monogram  <3

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