Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Can I call this cake inspiration?

Does everything come back to cake? Yes, yes, it does in my house. I saw something this morning that would be great in cake or maybe a cookie... Can I share a little non-cake with you?

I dropped by my friend's house this morning and was so excited about this project. Jennifer Isenberg, a local artist, is starting on these originals for Christmas. Each oversized stocking is her original design, and appliqued with wool.
 These two are almost half the height of the closet door! 
I didn't measure but you can see the a little of the door in the background.
What fun is this guy? I love a kart-wheeling Santa.
These are a few more designs she is working on. 
The Santa with the glasses will be a pillow. 
The cardinal will be a Christmas pillow too.
And she'll start the snowman when the white wool arrives. 
No surprise that wool is hard to find here in the south, right?

I think her plan is to offer these at the Southern Spirit Gallery downtown closer to the season. Since these take time, if you are interested in finding out more now, you can email Jennifer at kjefreeport@gmail.com