Sunday, March 23, 2014

Coyote Trail Gluten Free

Most of my cakes are super moist. Super rich. Even in the traditional White Almond Sour Cream cake, I use whole eggs to add a depth of flavor and a little structure to the cake. These are the things I have been looking for in a gluten free recipe. And let's not forget, ingredients readily available.

I have tried chocolate and vanilla from Bob's Red Mill GF Cake Mix, Betty Crocker GF Cake Mix, Cake Doctor recipes, and an online recipe for a GF Citrus Chiffon.

All of the vanilla or citrus were ok, not remarkable, but not something I would say a "Coyote Trail Gluten Free Cake."

The chocolate mixes on the other hand, I could not stand. Not a one. Not any brand, nor any doctored mix,

Until.....Bisquick! I love Bisquick in everything. Even their Velvet Crumb recipe. When I saw Gluten Free Bisquick I had a glimmer of hope. It is available at every store in town, no adding special xantham gum, or rice flour.

Tried 3 recipes from the King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Baking Mix page: GF Vanilla Cupcakes, GF Chocolate Cupcakes, GF Sour Cream Coffee Cake.  I would use KAF if it were available here. Thankfully Bisquick works.

Holy Cow! 3 recipes I can get excited about! I recommend adding 2 tablespoons of pudding to the cupcake recipes. As for the Sour Cream Cake, I left out the filling and the glaze then baked it into cupcakes! Moist and delicious!!!

These are the GF Sour Cream batter baked into cupcakes. Nice and round tops, fluffy and moist on the inside. Each recipe makes a scant 4 cups batter, about 12 cupcakes or one 8" or 9" layer cake. To make the cake below would require 3 batches of the recipe. This is a GF Vanilla cake with buttercream and fondant decorations.

The last note to share is that my kitchen is NOT gluten free. However, I wash all utensils, pans and my mixer thoroughly before beginning any gluten free projects.

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