Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cheerwine, Ice Cream and Cake, Great!

Had a moment to experiment last week. Wanted to try the melted ice cream cake recipe with Cheerwine! Although you can buy Cheerwine pound cake locally, I was hoping for a more "Cheerwine" flavor.

Since Cheerwine syrup isn't available, I thought that melted Cheerwine ice cream might do the trick. However, all that was in Food Lion was sherbet. Don't you remember a Food Lion brand Cheerwine swirl ice cream? Oh well, sherbet was the new plan.

The recipe is very, very simple. A cake mix of your choice, 2 cups melted ice cream, three eggs.  Mix and bake.

I made a simple glaze with powdered sugar and Cheerwine but couldn't wait for the cake to cool to try it! So the glaze melted some. It was delish. I didn't run my knife through the batter once it was in the pan and thus the air bubble. But the kiddos didn't mind.

However, I have to say, not quite the distinct Cheerwine taste I was going for. I tried a second attempt but that vanished so fast, no pictures! I made a marble cake but instead of chocolate, I boiled about 2 cups of soda for about an hour to make a syrup and mixed that with the 1 cup of batter. It was a really good cake. I think this marble Cheerwine concept deserves a third attempt. I'll post a picture next time I experiment.