Sunday, August 25, 2013

It's All About the Game

Sports are obviously a huge part of life in America. Celebrating "love of the game" with cake is always fun. Among the most requested cake designs is this one with a jersey and ball. I first saw this design on pinterest, but with half a ball instead of a whole ball. The half ball was perched on the edge of the jersey, like a player holding the ball. I liked the idea of a whole ball, just at the edge of the sheet cake and have made this version a few times.

If you are interested in just a sports jersey cake, here is an example using cheerleading uniform top.

Another favorite sports cake concept is one with the stripes on the side and some type of  logo on top. Super easy to change colors and logos for a school or team. These were inspired by designs I saw on CorrieCakes on facebook. Her work is so flawless and charming! 

And, because you can never have too many basketball cakes! This angry face design is from The Cake Don, except his was fondant perfection. Mine was created using a frozen buttercream transfer.

This last design is another pinterest find. Love the combination of scrapbooking and cake. The original pinned idea had a goal and basket made from gumpaste! This simplified paper version makes the cake affordable and still awesome :-)

As the school year begins, I am looking forward to creating a whole new batch of cakes celebrating The Game, whatever your favorite game may be!!!

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