Saturday, June 29, 2013

Micro Bakery

What I love most about baking from my tiny kitchen is the attention I can give to a single project. Take for instance these cookies. The recipe is called "Alice's Chocolate Chip Cookies." And, no joke, best ever.

These are no one bowl cookie. They take time. A little patience and some more patience. But in the end. Best. Chocolate. Chip. Cookie. Ever. This is what I take to the coffee shop in town. And for one brief moment only 12 extra large, delicious cookies are available.

Crazy right? Only 12. A few changes are needed Alice's recipe to make each cookie so large. First I weigh every scoop so they are exactly the same size. 3 ounces per cookie. To add to the visual appeal, I keep a handful of chips out of the batter and place them on top after I scoop the dough. (Not pictured, learned that trick later!)

Also, I have to bake at 2 different temps. First at 375 degrees for 7 min, then at 325 for 13 mins. This allows the cookies to spread but not totally to a crisp.

Finally, the I have learned that if I let the dough rest for a bit, like 15 mins before I start scooping, the cookies will spread much more evenly.

I think with a larger mixer and better oven, I probably could bake more of these at one time. In the meanwhile, I know that these cookies are something special, something to savor and enjoy with a great cup of coffee shop coffee. Hope to see you around town!

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