Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Father's Day Already?

With the Girl's Night Out fundraiser for school, Holly's Dance Recital and Lee's graduation, this spring has vanished. The neighborhood pool is open and the last day of school is here. Sharing a favorite post from the past about baking and Father's Day.   What a great memory with the children and good friends!

A few pics from this spring:
 My niece, Mary Scott, graduated from high school! Yipee!

 My son, Lee Allison, graduated too! Starts college in three weeks, yikes!

 Loved making this mini rifles in the push pop containers for the Girl's Night Out fundraiser.
Made 200. Whew!

And a pinterest idea: Tutu Cupcakes for the Dance Recital Bake Sale <3

Taking a short break for the summer from baking. Hopefully will find time to blog between trips with Holly and Bill to the pool!

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