Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cheaper than a KopyKake

First, let me say I would love, love, love a KopyKake. Or an ipad so I could download that projector app. Either one. I'm not picky.

However, I will not be deterred! One of my most favorite purchases this past year is the $20 lighted tracing pad from Crayola. Found it at Wal-mart. Didn't even have to pay shipping.

Just short of projecting images on to cookies or cake. I can print an image and tape it to the tracing pad. Then roll out gum paste or fondant onto wax paper or clear acetate. I bought the acetate to make chocolate cake wraps, but works for this too :-) If you don't want to use fondant, buy a Wilton Sugar Sheet in white. Already on the acetate.

Once you tape your fondant or sugar sheet over the image, trace with food color pens or paint with thinned gel colors. I love this technique.

You can even pipe royal icing transfers this way too!

I think this picture explains the rest. 

 Tape the picture to the pad. Tape the sugar sheet on top of that. Trace away.

I know not very Easter-y. But hey, anything for my first born. Isn't that what mothers do?

There is a great tutorial on about painting and drawing on fondant. Everything  Melissa describes in her video is true, just add the tracing pad behind your image. The trick is not to smear the black food coloring. I choose to trace all the bright colors first, then outline in black last. 

 These images are on fondant/gum paste. I outlined with the black first and quickly realized I had a problem. There was a little smearing of the black but that did not stop me. I forged ahead. 

One day I might get that Kopykake but until then I think I can create some really neat cakes with this tracing pad.

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