Friday, February 15, 2013

Again With the Writing?

Have I mentioned that I really do not like to free-hand pipe words on cake? Yes, I think have.
These letters were made with the Curlz MT font. 

My new favorite way to get the message across is Royal Icing Transfer letters. There are a few drawbacks but for my purposes, I love it.  A few reasons why:

  1. I get to use up extra royal icing.
  2. 1001 Free Fonts.  Did you know how easy it is to install a new font onto your computer? For Windows:  Download the zip file. My downloaded stuff ends up in a file called "Downloads". That Bill Gates is so smart. Then choose Extract all files. When you are asked where to extract the file to, click Browse, choose My Computer, Local Disk C:, Windows, Fonts.
  3. Dried royal icing keeps for a long time. A long time. Pipe some extra "Happy Birthday", leave the words attached to the wax paper and store it in a box. (Note: I haven't tried storing with shortening on the wax paper. I've only stored words piped on plain wax paper.)
  4. I get to try out the size of letters BEFORE placing them on the cake! In my publishing software I draw a circle the size of the cake, then type the letters and choose the right font size. Way better than a Cake Wreck. 
  5. I get to use up extra royal icing. What else can you do with extra black royal icing?

There are some great tutorials like this one from Klickitat Street for silly faces or this one from Suzdaily

These are the Halloween faces from Klickitat Street. I just choose the happy/silly faces!
I know, not words, but royal icing transfers and how cute did they turn out?!

The drawbacks are how fragile dried royal icing is and how fragile dried royal icing is. Since the fonts are free and royal icing is extra, easy-peasy.  Pipe one more time just to be sure you have a backup if the letters break.

I think the tip to use shortening on the wax paper does help. Tried it both ways and yes, think the shortening does help the letters release a little better. Also, I like to use the little thin spatula tool that came with my Cricut Mini. So thin, just right for moving these letters around.
New favorite font: Calamity Jane

Best tip ever for royal icing is using a small fan. I love how this cuts the drying time in half! I bought a small little fan that fits on the sideboard in my "cookie staging area" aka dining room. Works like a charm on cookies too. The letters on the cake above I piped in the morning and placed on the cake in the afternoon.  That is pretty quick turn around for royal icing.

Calamity Jane works for boy cakes too!

So, again with the writing? Yep! What would you like to say on your cake?

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