Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Strange Obsession...Paper Products

In middle school, Julie's mom worked for Earle's Office Supplies. I loved going to downtown Salisbury to visit Mrs. Motley at work. Fresh paper, new sharpies, notepads, carbon paper. All of it. I love paper products.  I love my color printer and have been printing everything I can dream up since my daughter's birth announcements back in 1998. I would keep a stock of paper, different weights and colors, various envelopes for any occasion.

Did you know there are so many paper products to package cakes and cookies? I have a problem. The packaging supplies are taking over the dining room. Just until Christmas Cookie season is over. I think. Boxes, cake boards, cups, lids, plates. Almost like office supplies but for cake!

The large oval plates are sturdy enough for cookies, not too large or too small. I think these will be my go to plates. At least until I use these up! One year I tried pie boxes, too flimsy. The Dollar Tree carries lovely clear plastic rectangle trays, but even $1 is too expensive when you are a micro bakery. The oval plates are sold in bulk by Swicegood Paper Products here in town. Love shopping local.

Swicegoods also carries these styrofoam cups and lids. Nice for individually packing cupcakes, but a little too tall for most of my designs. I think a Christmas Tree cupcake would look good here.

My favorite paper product is actually plastic. These plastic cups. How cute is this? The lids don't quite fit, so a little tape helps. I have found the matching lids online at The Webstaurant, but must resist ordering more util I have a little more space in the dining room! Or an occasion to individually package 100 cupcakes :-)

Wait these tins are my Most Favorite of all. Great for 6 regular cupcakes. The lids are just the right height not to smoosh the carrot nose, or a classic 1M swirl on the top of a cupcake.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step, right? My plan is to bake away for the remaining weeks of Advent, use what I have and uncover the dining room table for Christmas Dinner.  Just need to steer clear of aisle 14 in the grocery store.

By the way, did you know that Waverly makes a paper dinner napkin? Waverly. Maybe just one more thing.  Just for Christmas.

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