Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Truffala Tree Experiment

Cotton candy is a finicky treat. Light and fluffy, totally perishable. Absolutely perfect for Truffula trees. I was so excited to get an order for "The Lorax" cake! All those great cotton candy ideas online. At last, a chance to try it out.

My plan was to place the trees on the cake just before the pick-up time. Hoping the cotton candy would not wilt before the party. However, Saturday became jammed packed with activities. I needed a back-up plan. And a little experiment to see if I could make the trees in advance.

Really, all that is needed here is the picture.

Plastic baggies and twist ties ready, I made the trees in advance and off to run the bus route for Saturday. Want to see the finished cake?! I loved it! Hoping Annabelle did too!

Happy Birthday!


  1. How do you personally browse for information for your fresh posts, which search websites or techniques do you often turn to?

    1. Hi! What a funny comment :-) All my posts depend on what I am baking. I love sharing thoughts about particular projects and pictures of how they turn out. Hope you enjoy the blog!