Thursday, October 25, 2012


Sometimes the line between Cake Wreck and Cake Success is fine.  The fear of public speaking cannot compare to my fear of writing on cake. From misspelled words to off center spacing. All of it is terrifying.

Why, oh why, do people want words on cake?

I have purchased stamps,
 letter embossers (see the evenly spaced letters above?),
 the Cricut Cake Mini and more to overcome this fear. 

When a very dear friend ordered a cake and wanted a near encyclopedia written on it, that was the turning point. The order was for something like: Congratulations, We will miss you, Dr. Soandso. Best Wishes on Your Retirement. Farewell, We Love You and Will Miss You Forever and Ever and Ever.

Well, maybe not that long. But the word "Congratulations" alone has 15 letters. No stamp or embosser small enough to fit on a regular cake. Think about it. If each letter is 1/2 wide that is 7.5" across the cake. That's a lot of cake real estate. Once I start with cake math, it serious.

The worst happened. I was off on the spacing and had to improvise. And by improvise I mean, clean up and hide the mistake.  Notice the nicely place fondant plaque surrounded by leaves? All cover-up.
That friend has ordered more cakes, all with words. And with practice, I have improved. Enough to send the stamps to Goodwill. I dream of being able to pipe letters like Hayley of Hayley's Cakes and Cookies or Arty McGoo.  How awesome are those cookies? Meanwhile, I will practice, practice and practice.

And keep praying I never, ever end up on Cake Wrecks!

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