Friday, April 26, 2019

In Love with Drip Cakes

What's on trend in cake this year? Naked Cakes are still a thing but my favorite cake for all time is the Drip Cake. I love it in color, in chocolate, in white. With piles of strawberries or candy themed is good too. There is something about the Drip Cake that looks so incredibly delicious. I mean almost mesmerizing. 
Drip Cakes make awesome Thank you cakes, 

and extra special Birthday Cakes!

The shine when the ganache is still slightly warm is incredible!

Reese's peanut butter cup cake? Yes. Every time.

Easter? Yes, Drip Cake please.

Christmas? Abolutely.

Donuts and Oreos on a Drip Cake?!! Heck yeah.

For a Smashingly Pink 1st Birthday? Always on trend.

Confettie Sprinkles and Gold glitter for a 21st birthday, even better.

Unless we are talking Chocolate and Raspberries or...

Salted Caramel Drip. 

Don't forget the new trend, Striped Buttercream. I absolutely 
love the effect of stripes, buttercream and chocolate drip <3 

Chocolate Sails added to the cake create a little drama and it's awesome!

If you are looking for a show stopper centerpiece cake you can not miss with this Drip Cake Trend. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Easter is one of my all time favorite seasons! Winter is gone, the promise of warm weather is just around the corner, Lenten sacrifices end and Jesus is Risen. It is time to celebrate! Let's roll out the good stuff. 

Easter Cookies are so very much fun to make, bright colors, crazy patterns. Bunnies and Chicks are so easy to pipe, what's not to love about that?

 Last year I took the time to create Easter Cookie Baskets and I am so glad I did! I love this gift for Easter. Sweet, Delicious and Colorful. This year I found some more great baskets to use with Decorated Sugar Cookies. And some new patterns to try on the Easter Egg Cookies! Can't wait.

I have wanted to make these for years and finally bought the Giant Egg Mold to make Giant Peanut Butter filled Easter Eggs of my own. Yay! You know Buckeyes that everyone loves at Christmas? Multiply that times 100. If a teaspoon of peanut butter filling is good, a whopping 1/2 cup is BETTER!  The Cake Lace and fondant flowers are just the right touches to adorn my Giant Peanut Butter Eggs <3

When I talk about rolling out the good stuff for Easter, this cake has got to be it. I mean, IT. Fresh Coconut with 7 Minute Marshmallow Frosting and handmade chocolate flowers. The cake is a coconut sour cream white cake made with coconut milk. That is a celebration cake worthy of Easter. And just in case coconut it not your thing, This design is awesome on Carrot Cake too!

Call or email if you'd like to order some of the Good Stuff for your Easter dinner <3

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

To Fondant or Not to Fondant

Seek the middle road! I like to think I reach a happy medium when it comes to fondant. I do use it and some weeks it seems like I use a lot. However, I do not cover cakes completely with fondant. Ever. (Ok, except for that one time. And no, not again!)

In my opinion, I just don't like it. I don't think it tastes lovely like buttercream. Even more insulting is when you cut a cake covered in fondant, it just doesn't look as nice as buttercream.  So I go for the middle ground, cakes that taste amazing frosted in Italian Cream infused Buttercream and adorned with fondant details. The trick is to achieve such a smooth finish on the buttercream that it looks like fondant.

Let's take a closer look at what I mean. In this basketball cake, where the arrow is pointing to orange, that's buttercream. The black lines on the ball is fondant.  This cake has a lot of both buttercream and fondant. not so much fondant that it over powers the buttercream.

I love, love, love this Cinderella cake.
 I call it "multi-media".
 That sounds artsy, right?
The pale blue section is buttercream, the bottom white with ruffles is buttercream. The wide white band, that's fondant. Stil mostly buttercream. And what would a princess cake be without a few well placed toys? The crown and the doll are toys. Real light-up toys. See, multi-media!

Not quite as blinged out as Cinderella, still another great example of combining buttercream and fondant. The hat is completely covered in fondant and under it, if I remember correctly, cake! The banner on the bottom is fondant along with those "x" marks.  The entire rest of the cake is buttercream. 

Creating a smooth finish on my buttercream to appear like fondant is something I have practiced and practiced. When my children were little, I loved this motto from Sesame Street: 
"Practice and tomorrow you'll be better than today." 
I think that all the time with cake! I hope you enjoy the end result of all this practice <3

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Secret Ingredient is Love

Sometimes my husband will make a sandwich for me and he always asks, "Can you taste the love?" It is the secret ingredient to any meal and especially when creating a cake! What I enjoy most about designing a wedding cake with a couple is the love that goes into the event. Love for each other, love for their family, their guests. So much thought goes into who would like what, and how to make sure everyone enjoys the day and the cake.

And then there are the many ways couples choose to show case their personality through cake. Whether it is an abundance of sugar flowers or overflowing fresh fruit, you can see the joy and love in the cake.

One couple didn't want to leave out their families, and carefully selected the best photos to feature on the cake. She want both a traditional cake and one that had flair. So this cake was placed on a turntable; it could be spun to reveal the photos on the back.

Buttercream always receives so much love! Creating all buttercream decorated cakes is a joy. Even though stacking these cakes takes patience, practice and a steady hand, the final creation is so very delicious. I always infuse Italian Cream into my buttercream for an extra depth of flavor. It's my secret ingredient!

Don't forget the inside of the cake can be just as special as the outside! From the ultra-moist Almond Sour Cream cake to Hershey's Ultimate Dark Chocolate cake to Fabulously Fun Flavors and Fillings, you can design a cake your wedding guests will not forget. The one below had one tier that was sooo delicious, White Russian Cake, an ultra moist, coffee, boozy cake with Kahlua whipped cream filling! That is unforgettable!

Wether your tastes run to the personal, dramatic or sublime, 
there is surely a wedding cake that we can create together. 
I look forward to hearing from you <3
~Peg Fisher
Coyote Trail Cakes

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Falling In Love in October

As long as I can remember I love all things fall. I love the mountains in the fall, the apples and yes even pumpkins spice everything!  I met my husband in the fall and we married in October. It is such a blessing and a joy to create wedding cakes in October <3

 Hand made a special mold just to make these sunflowers. 
There were formed from modeling chocolate to ensure they would not melt outside.

 Piping on the side of a cake is a labor of love <3 

 Buttercream Baby! Loved piping these buttercream ruffles. 
No one wants a mouth full of fondant ribbon.
Added just a few fondant roses

 These roses were hand made from slightly 
different shades of white and pink. 
The leaves were white with shimmering
green petal dust.

Love, love, love this Bride and Groom cake!

If you are planning an wedding this year, there is still time to get on my baking schedule. I would love to create something special for your day. Hop over to facebook to send me a message for more information :-)

Monday, April 11, 2016

Making History Sweeter

One of the things I enjoy most about this job is donating cakes and cupcakes for a good cause! And of all the great causes to support in Salisbury, the most fun event for me is the Boot Scootin' Dessert Dash auction during the Denim, Diamonds & Dazzle Fundraiser at Sacred Heart.

How cute is this Tiramisu from last year's Dash? And that fresh strawberry cake! Yum.

It's really pretty simple. Everyone at your table chips in to buy dessert. The table with the highest total gets in line first.  Then the Dash begins!

40. That's right 4-0 bakers and dessert makers from our school and parish
will donate their signature dessert for our buffet.
The highest bid last year went to Micheal Goodman who got in line first 
to choose his mother's freshly piped Cream Puffs. So Sweet!

To make this year even sweeter, all the proceeds from this part of the auction will go to purchase a new history curriculum for Sacred Heart. And that makes this Dessert Dash a really good cause.

There is a whole lot more going on that night than just The Dash. 
I snapped a few good pics from last year's event: 
Can't wait to see this year's ice sculpture. 
It's where all the Diamond and Dazzling appetizers will be.
Whose not dazzled by bacon?
Thank you to Canteen for providing our dazzling menu for the entire evening!

Once the Auction closes, it is time to Get Your Lucky On.
Head on in to the Casino in Brincefield Hall. 
The late night buffet will not disappoint!

Robin Fisher, Camille Denhard, Julianne Goodman, Erin Brinkley and so many other fabulous volunteers are working diligently to make this night Dazzling! Designing the tables, gathering some fabulous items up for auction and keeping the focus on lasting improvments for our students and for those in the years to come. 

The Boot Scootin' Dessert Dash is my favorite event but there are other fabulous raffles and items up for auction, like the Grand Prize Raffle is a trip for 4 to Disney! Including hotel accommodations, daily park passes and a family meal plan. Anyone can purchase raffle tickets and you do not have to be present to win,  The tickets are $20 each or 3 for $50. Contact any parent from the school or call the school office if you want to throw your hat in.
Still smiling! Anna served as a waiter and 
I was gearing up to roll out that Casino buffet

The new game this year is "The Good, the Bad and the Lucky" with two trips to choose from for the Lucky Winner. And several great consolation prizes for 4 other Lucky players.

All in all, there is a sit down dinner, three raffles, a silent auction, a live auction, a casino and The Dash! Let's get back to my part of the Dash <3 Deciding what to make last year was easy, I choose the cakes that got the most likes on facebook! Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Wrapped Red Velvet, and Reese's Cup Peanut Butter Cake (ok, that was a new one for me but Y-U-M-O!)

This year, we are Bringing Back the Dazzle! I am taking my desserts up a level. Literally. I am choosing to make three double barrel towering confections to Dazzle the dessert table! Each cake will be two cakes tall and serve a generous 15.

I made this Chocy-Wocky-Do-Dah cake for Catholic Daughter and St. Ann's Circle bake sale last summer. I'll be adding chocolate covered strawberries to the tower.

Next up is this Dazzling Golden Peanut Butter Tower. I have not made it yet but The Cake Blog photos are stunning! Erin Gardner created it and I can not wait to try it!

My third cake will have to be Red Velvet. I mean, hello, what Southern can deny the Dazzling-ness of a chocolate wrapped Red Velvet cake? The one below will be taller. Much taller. Towering. 

We are just three weeks away from the Denim, Diamond & Dazzling Fundraiser for Sacred Heart on Sturday April 30, 2016! I just love that the proceeds from the Boot Scootin' Dessert Dash are going to Make History Sweeter for the students at Sacred Heart! Hope to see you there!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Burlap Cake Lace

Super excited to share this method of making burlap for cake! Fretted about spending a lot of money for what might be a one time project and finally came up with this approach. Using Amazing Mold putty, 7 count plastic canvas for sewing and Cake Lace mix from Hobby Lobby.

 For about $20 with a coupon, I made my own silicone cake lace mold.

Once I kneaded the putty, I rolled it out super thin between two cutting mats and pressed the plastic canvas into the putty. After it cured for 20mins, I mixed the cake lace, colored it brown and spread it on the mat. I baked the lace following the package directions. Once it cools, you can gently peel away the mat and you will end up with a long ribbon of burlap!

One important step in the cake lace instructions, not included in the package, is to let the mixture rest to allow the air bubble to rise to the top. Then you can gently stir it to eliminate that problem. My first attempts using cake lace resulted in one side being quite spotty from bubbles and the other side nice and flat. So far, letting the mixture rest is the only solution I have found.

 As you can see, I did not scrape the cake lace mixture completely off of the mat, leaving some of the little holes covered. I did this to make the finished product a little stronger and because burlap isn't completely see through. I think it looks rustic enough! 

Here I have already cut out the bow using a small leaf cutter, one leaf for each half of the bow. Then I folded the leaves over and made a little loop for a bow. Use a tiny bit of water to seal the loop.  

When I have a chance to experiment more I plan to see what impression it makes with fondant.